Shoulder Exercises For Volleyball

Shoulder Strengthening Exercises for Volleyball



This exercise is working the rotator cuff muscles this is called external rotation this subject is doing a great job keeping his elbows right at his side keeping tension on the band he’s keeping the shoulders in a good position down and back pulling the shoulder blades together and keeping the shoulder blades squeeze together while doing the exercise he’s also keeping his head and neck in a good position chin tucked that’s a perfect position to do.

This exercise we’re going to then progress this to working the same motion with the arm in different positions like oh please so what you’re going to see is we’re going to then work it with the arm here with the arm here so different positions in different angles you can relax that one the key is going to be that if you imagine a stick kind of coming up through his elbow up out of the shoulder he’s going to rotate the shoulder around that stick the elbow once you start should stay in the same position so I’m being I’m showing you keeping it in the same position and working up and down we’re working external rotation and internal rotation against resistance and I’ll show that with using bands and using cans of food or weights in different positions but this there’s no wrong answer you can work that in this position you can work it in this position anywhere that you’re working the shoulder with volleyball you’re working your arm overhead a lot and so you really do want to progress to working those Rotator muscles in this position ultimately it’s a good place to start here but you don’t want to start with up or you don’t want to finish there you want to progress to different positions here you can work with your hand in front of your body arm to the outside of your body elbow higher the whole time you’re working that rotation of the shoulder internal and external keeping the elbow in the same place this one is going to show working internal rotation same common thing standing upright pinching the shoulder blades together pulling behind he keeps the elbow in the same spot and I like to describe this movement of the hand to keep the wrist stiff it’s like you’re sliding a glass across a table so go ahead and pull across and back pull across and back again this is sort of the easiest position stand upright look straight ahead chin tuck good take a step to the left and now we’re going to bring the step forward now I’m going to show you coming up at a little bit different angle okay same thing rotate perfect just go straight to a flat position horizontal and back go ahead go okay you’re going to go this direction and go ahead and pivot good don’t straighten the elbow as you go keep a 90 degree angle at the elbow in that way good good now we’re going to raise up and show a higher angle very good and cut even higher no hold on bend the elbow 90 degrees let me bend it and you’re going to bring your hand yeah your movement is going to be this this position keep your wrist step going so the idea is that’s working internal rotation at different positions of the elbow and the shoulder we’re going to now show the same thing working external rotation through different positions you could see it was a lot harder for him up here he was wanting to straighten the elbow as he pulled down you want to keep your elbow at 90 degrees and keep a straight rotation sort of position then you can tie this you can have a partner work with you you can hitch it to a door frame you can tie it around a pole like if you’re at volleyball you want to tie this around a pole and work in different positions so there’s different ways you can fixate the other side but the key is working that rotation position keep the elbow at 90 degrees the full time and you’re going to work it close to the body going to raise it up you’re going to work it at 90 then you’re going to come forward work it a little bit in front of you work it here work it all different positions so that your shoulder has good rotator cuff muscles supporting it anywhere that you have your shoulder this is showing how to work external rotation at some different positions again these are just examples but you can modify key printables stand up nice and Tall squeeze the shoulder blades together look straight ahead tuck the chin in a nice position to keep the neck straight the elbow needs to stay at 90 degrees and once you start the elbow stays in the same position in Space the whole time so he’s going to work with the arm out of the side nice and easy now he’s going to bring the elbow at about 45 degrees 90 degree elbow bend your elbow a little bit more there you go nice okay we’re going to bring the elbow up High okay pull your shoulder blades together don’t hike your shoulder towards your head okay it’s doing a pretty good job he’s starting to hike the shoulder a little bit well let’s try up in this position go ahead keep that elbow in the same spot in space I’m going to give you a little bit more resistance make your work a bit more very good it must come up higher there you go keep the elbow 90 degrees good he’s wanting to straighten that elbow at the top keep the elbow High raise your arm up higher so it’s getting a little bit more challenging for him to control the movement I’m going to keep that elbow right here in space okay pour him back towards the wall a bit more there you go okay and we’ll even go see how he can do a pie bend the elbow there this might be a little hard for him to coordinate I’m going to hold the elbow in space make them rotate around it all right pull towards your head more there you go now I want you want you going and I’m going to move my hand I want your elbow to stay in the same spot keep it there keep it there good.

This exercise is for another one of the rotator cuff muscles but it clearly brings in other shoulder muscles as well so holding a weight could even be as little as I can you stand up tall squeeze the shoulder blades together you’re going to be not straight ahead but maybe about 20 25 degrees out thumbs up and just raise up and back down to your hip and up and back down to your hip you want to keep the shoulder blades pinched together and not don’t bring them up towards your head there you go okay so that’s just showing holding a lighter weight see if this weight is too much or it’s good straighten the elbow good okay and last you can also do this with some with a simple band and you could even stand on the band with your foot you’re going to need to stand a little bit further good let’s bring it back to you now okay again thumb up bring it up okay it’s way too easy you’re going to cinch up on it good inch elbows straight raise up to my hand and back as soon as the tension’s off don’t keep going just maintain tension okay stop or my hands are stopped and up very good this one is working extra rotation of the shoulder it’s the same theme as the exercises we did in standing where you’re going to still be pulling the shoulder blades together you have the head in a nice position don’t lift it just relax it pin that elbow don’t let that elbow move around and bring the hand up good and keep going lower as long as you can keep that elbow in position can you lower anymore and um good and lower and up so this is a nice one to do it controls your whole body now he’s starting to move the elbow keep that so you only want to work it as long as you have really good form where your elbow stays in place okay go ahead and come on up again come on up good and back down if you start to get sloppy and you’re moving your whole trunk you’ve done too many or you need a lighter weight fun so this is working the rotator cuff