Our Purpose

We are a Christian homeschool athletic program, our purpose is to revive biblical integrity through Christ-centered athletic ministries.   In the last year, we have experienced a barrage of political moves in an attempt to inhibit our freedoms, written and signed by the framers of our Constitution.  Per our just history, these framers’ sovereignty was proven to be spirit-led. We must take back our true history in American ideals, and return to a sovereign Christ-centered nation. Our goal is to provide homeschool athletic programs that will influence the world through Christ-centered champions and leaders.

Our Team

West Coast Impact Athletic League promotes biblical values through its coaches.  Billy Graham once said, “A coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime.”  Through God-given competition, ministry-minded coaches, and parent involvement we have reinvented another approach to the sports ministry. 

Our model is unique and successful because of our ministry-minded coaches. We look for coaches who understand discipleship, not financial return.  All of our coaches‘ time is volunteered and there has never been paid staff in the league.  Parents are also a crucial part of our success. We empower and give place to parents by creating circumstances for them to work closely with the team.  Our approach to sports ministry shows that communities grow stronger together with biblical integrity.  These future leaders and champions go on to influence churches, communities, governments, and the workforce.  To date, approximately 168 athletes have been discipled for four years with a 98% completion rate.  As of 2018, we have implemented a twelve-year discipleship ministry starting at age six.  This year we have had a 62% growth increase. After thirteen years we have prayed and God has placed us in a unique position for growth.

Our Vision

West Coast Impact has initiated the process of exploring ideas to build WCI a home free of any government funding or interference. With the help of Former VP of MaxPreps, Chad Downey, and Williams & Paddon Architectural firm, and others we have begun exploring location and design ideas.  We hope you will join us to help make the vision a reality.  West Coast Impact and its Board of Supervisors thank you in advance for your support. Several ways you can support us are through a one-time donation or committing $50 to $1000 on a monthly basis. We would also like to explore name branding on the gyms. We would appreciate meeting with you.

Our Community

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