Announcing The New

Love that new website smell!

A lot has been going on in the offseason. One of those things has been improving the website. You’ll notice that we have completely redesigned the site and made things a lot more intuitive and organized. Overall, we wanted to give our visitors a window into who we are and a sense of what we are all about. You should come away feeling like “Yeah, I want to be a part of that!” We think you are really going to love it. So have a look around and tell us what you think.


The new site is uncluttered and relatively simple. Here are a list of things we’ve done to improve your experience:

The Calendar

We realized the calendar is probably the most important feature. It has now been integrated into the site. This will help streamline events and schedules. Not only will you be able to get team schedules but you will also see what activities are coming up on the horizon.

Streamlined communications

Who do I contact? On the contact us page, you can now choose what department should receive your inquiry and it will be routed to the correct person in charge.

Sports Registration

Registration can now be paid, if applicable, right after you sign up for a league or event. How nifty is that?


We’ve added a nice and informative blog section with the latest tips, news, and articles that pertain to homeschooling and sports. So, if you love to write or interested in publishing articles for our blog give us a holler.

Social Media

Finally, amongst all these changes are the new social media accounts.  So take a minute to like us on Facebook @wcial, follow us on Twitter @wcial and Instagram @wcial and lastly, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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