Participation Forms

These forms are required every season. If your child has submitted one for the current year he or she does not need to do it again for another sport.

Homeschool Information

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Impact Eco Challenge

  1. Gather your team of up to 6-8 members, ages 13-18. There must be at least two girls on your team. You must have at least one adult chaperone (they are not counted as part of your group of 6-8).
  2. If you’ve never raced before attend the information meeting on Thursday, March 10th, 6pm at Round Table pizza in Orangevale
  3. Attend the mandatory meeting for parents, volunteers and chaperones on Wednesday, April 20 at 6pm at the Joslin home. No athletes please at this meeting.
  4. Send in your registration, waivers (waivers found in the “Forms” section) and registration fees by April 1. Cost is $50 per athlete/$40 for each additional sibling athlete
  5. Review how to prepare.
  6. Train, train, train! Spend time as a team preparing and taking hikes together. Remember, this is an overnight endurance race.
  1. We suggest forming teams in which the athletes live in close proximity to each other as it makes planning training days more convenient.
  2. Don’t wait for the last minute to train.  You should try to gather your teams on regular occasions to hike, run, exercise or complete team building tasks.
  3. Train with your equipment on your backs just as you would be carrying it in the race.  It makes all the difference.
  4. Know (or get to know) your teammates.   Understand each others strengths and weaknesses.  This is very much a team oriented race…you will need each other.  Working together and encouraging one another when you are tired or lacking confidence to finish is key to success.
  5. This is a FUN, but challenging race.  Have FUN, but come prepared!  You can do it and finishing the race is a huge accomplishment that you will remember forever!!